Vets Without Borders

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Vets Without Borders is a new web series with exclusive access to Canada's Veterinarians without Borders (VWB). In the first season the vets head to a small mountain village in Guatemala where rabid dogs have bitten people, killing them with the disease. The vets are here to spay/neuter and vaccinate the dog population, but in a community with no other vet care there are many crises to overcome.

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Episode 1

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The Veterinarians without Borders team of volunteer vets and vet techs arrive in Todos Santos, Guatemala. They meet Scooby, a dog whose owners desperately want him sterilized in hopes it may lessen his aggression.

Episode 2

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The vets meet a small puppy whose owner has docked his tail at home. They also learn that when you don't have dog crates onhand, there's another way to get wriggling puppies from home to the field clinic.

Episode 3

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The vets start spay surgeries in the field clinics. Spays are much more difficult without the technology and medication the vets normally have at home, which puts one dog in a life or death situation.

Episode 4

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The community continues bringing their pets into the field clinics for sterilizations. After what happened to Pinto, the vets are leery when the owner of a dog in poor condition insists on a spay.

Episode 5

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Kate discovers Terry - a rottweiler the vets sterilized last year - near death outside his home. His owner blames the sterilization for Terry's illness, but Kate doesn't see how that's possible a year later. The vets take Terry into the clinic to fight for his life.

Episode 6

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The vets embark on home checks to followup on the dogs they've treated throughout the trip.