Now in Post-Production!

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What a journey this documentary has been! We recently completed a crowdfunding campaign and raised nearly $10,000 to complete the one hour film. The generousity and compassion of animal lovers here in Canada and around the world was astounding and touched us all.

Each contribution helped support upcoming clinics in Guatemala and Mexico. We donated $750 to the Mexi-Can Vet Project and $750 to the Global Alliance for Animals & People ( who is taking the lead on the VWB spay and neuter campaign in Guatemala.

After these donations, fees (Indiegogo, Paypal, credit cards) and perks (DVDs, bags, postcards) we have about $6500 left to finish the film. That's pretty tight to finish a broadcast quality documentary, but we're going to stretch each dollar as far as possible to get this film done. We will also continue taking contributions via Paypal so we can increase that number if possible and ensure this project gets out to the world.

Thank you again to everyone who believes in what these vet teams are doing, and in our desire to tell their story. We're so grateful to you all.