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People & Dogs

We've launched the site and the response has been fantastic.  Dog lovers are excited to see the show and letting other people know about it (thanks so much!).

At the same time I'm getting questions - why aren't you focusing on helping people in developing countries rather than pets?  Why aren't you focusing on pets right here at home instead?

Veterinarians without Borders - the charity - is all about public health.  They help people by helping animals.  The health of humans, animals and the environment are all connected and VWB does an amazing job of working in all areas to create positive change.  Visit their website at to learn more.

As far as the "helping at home instead of away" issue goes, I'm not sure this one will ever be resolved, and it most definitely won't be resolved by me.  I've done animal rescue in Canada, and filmed it in Guatemala, Italy, Mexico and the Cook Islands.  None of these experiences has been the same and the unique responses of the people and the dogs in each of those countries makes me infinitely grateful I got to visit and help each and every one.  Whether you choose to help people and dogs at home or halfway around the world, at least you're doing something!

Site Launch

Welcome to the new Vets Without Borders website!  We're excited to premiere webisodes #1 & #2 on Wednesday, Sept. 15th.  In the meantime, take a look around the site to learn more about the series and Veterinarians without Borders.  Be sure to check out the charity's Help Make Rabies History campaign and consider making a donation to amazing work these vets do around the world.