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How You Can Help

All six webisodes are now available online.  You've seen the incredible work Veterinarians without Borders/Veterinarians sans Frontieres does - now what?

If you want to help support rabies projects like these, or any of their other amazing initiatives around the world, consider making a donation to

If you want to help spread the word about the web series so more people get to see it and learn about the importance of spaying/neutering and the connection between human and animal health, please post our website to your Facebook, Twitter, digg, reddit or email it to the animal lovers in your life and so forth.  The more people that know about VWB projects, the more good work will get done!

Tough Content?

Seeing anyone going through a difficult time - whether it's a person or a pet - can be tough.  Some animal lovers are very sensitive and find shows like "Vets Without Borders" too hard to watch.  We took this into consideration when creating the show.

The series does not show any graphic content or paralyze viewers with horrifying footage.  Throughout the series we meet compelling animal characters who offer challenges for the vets to face.  These vets are amazingly talented and skilled, so watching them troubleshoot in this sparse environment is fascinating, but there will be sad or intense moments.  In webisode #6 we will follow up with the animals we met in the previous 5 webisodes and see how they're doing.  There's lots of happy news to share.

So if you're not sure you're up to watching an animal rescue series, wait until the premiere of #6 on September 29th and then have your dessert first.  Watch #6 and then - if you trust me after that - the other webisodes.

Lovely Responses

As the first two webisodes launched this week I've been receiving lovely responses from people who have watched them.  Thank you so much for letting us know and I hope you enjoy the four remaining ones premiering over the next two weeks!

Thanks to You

I am so excited to finally be able to share webisodes #1 and #2 of Vets Without Borders starting tomorrow.  There are many thanks in order for making this web series happen, so here we go!

Thanks to May Street Productions for believing in the project and taking on out-of-pocket expenses for the show.  Thanks to my husband Jeff Skillen for paying his way to Guatemala to share in the adventure and be my audio guy, data wrangler and holding my hair back when I vomited on the bus.  Also, thanks to him and his company JetDog Solutions for putting together this incredible website.

Thanks to Erin Parks for doing a fantastic job as the offline editor, and to Mike Wavrecan for his exceptional online editing skills.  And for his patience when the computer crashed on us pretty much every 5 - 10 minutes.  Thanks to Tony Moskal of Digiheadz for digging up such a stellar range of music and patiently working with odd notes like "it looks like the sick dog is breakdancing to that song".

Most importantly, thank you to Veterinarians without Borders and the people of Todos Santos.  Thank you to VWB for letting us live and share meals with the vets (though the dinner conversation left a lot to be desired at times - seriously guys, tapeworms???).  Thank you to the vets and vet techs for letting us shove cameras in their faces and never once telling us to eff off.  Thank you for the work that you do, and especially for your kindness and compassion with the owners and their pets.  I knew I'd love you all, because chances are that someone willing to go volunteer in Central America for two weeks instead of taking a vacation is going to be a great person.  To the people of Todos Santos - thank you for inviting us into your community, sharing your homes, community centres and other spaces to use as field clinics, and for wanting to share your story with the world.  I promise that if I return to see you again my Spanish will be much improved!!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this project.  It has forever changed my life and I'm eternally grateful for the experience.  I hope you enjoy it.

Back to Guatemala

Veterinarians without Borders is returning to Todos Santos to continue their rabies prevention project this November!  I am completely bummed that I can't go (but would be 7 months pregnant by then and don't think I'd make it up the hills).  Fortunately, Tracy from last year's expedition is returning there once again so we'll get to catch up upon her return and get all kinds of updates on the people and pets you'll see in the series.  Tracy's also a fantastic photographer so will be sure to hound her for photos as well.

Want to help send the contingent to Guatemala?  Visit and make a donation today.